Anime For People Who Don’t Like Anime

It’s come to my attention that a lot of people don’t particularly like anime as a medium and honestly that’s fair enough. There are a lot of bad anime out there and I’m not going to get into them, but what I do want to do is offer some possible alternatives for good shows that differ from the kind of thing you get in a lot of mainstream anime, and that might appeal to people who are into more complex or cerebral stories. Or at the very least, animation quality that is out of this world.

The one rule I’ve set for myself is that I’m not going to talk about anything made by Studio Ghibli. They’ve got a big enough name in the West and I’m not going to be telling you anything you couldn’t find out from 7 different AV club listicles. There are certain directors and studios that I’m a big fan of, and you’ll probably end up seeing a couple of shows from them, but the goal is to give you as a reader a better sense of the variety and artistry in the anime industry that you might miss just seeing really mainstream shows like Boku no Hero Academia, Naruto, or Full Metal Alchemist.

I don’t really have a schedule in mind for these pieces but I’m going to try and get something out at least once every two weeks, starting this week with a piece on Hyouka, one of my favourite mystery stories of all time.

Hope you enjoy!

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