REVIEW: The Flower Collectors

Buddy cop stories are sort of inherently built on compromise, one character is stuffy and overbearing, the other is plays too fast and loose with the rules, and then over the course of the story the two characters influence each other and they learn to moderate themselves in order to be more effective and toContinue reading “REVIEW: The Flower Collectors”

Review: Tenet

How do you write a story that’s just high-concept generational warfare without engaging with that premise beyond a single throwaway line? If you’re Christopher Nolan, you don’t. Tenet is a very competent blockbuster action film that read a couple of books on physics and is convinced that it’s smart now, but it fails to really engage with any of the themes that it raises outside of the usual time travel standby of determinism vs. free will.

Review: The Beach Bum

There’s a certain structure to The Beach Bum that makes it feel bigger than it is, or more important at least. Moondog (a manically unhinged Matthew McConaughey) isn’t just drunkenly staggering from one celebrity playing an outlandish Floridian character to the next, he’s on some kind of quest for the forces of hedonism. It’s anContinue reading “Review: The Beach Bum”

Anime for People who Don’t Like Anime: Aku No Hana

Pros: Very good portrait of what it feels like to be a teen boy who doesn’t know how to process his emotions in a healthy way Rotoscoped animation gives everything an unsettling, almost Gothic feel Every scene drips with anxiety and discomfort in a really satisfying way Cons: The main character is very passive andContinue reading “Anime for People who Don’t Like Anime: Aku No Hana”